Profile of Don Nedobeck

If there is one word to describe artist, storyteller, musician, husband and father Don Nedobeck, it would be expressionist. To listen to his name is to hear the sounds of basic keys on a clarinet, Ne-do-beck, and with practice it becomes more fluid. Talking with Nedobeck is like sitting in your most comfortable old worn out chair with a fat, furry feline nestled upon your chest. Besides his greatest talent of putting people at ease, he’s a man capable of anything. You see, ever since Nedobeck was a boy, he was encouraged by his parents, a Russian father, also a fine artist, and a Polish mother whose landscaped garden surpassed Boerner’s Botanical’s gardens, to use two very important gifts: his imagination and his creativity. It was his creativity that allowed him to draw life from a whimsical point of view during his “occupational development” period as Good Humor man, stock boy, grain inspector and meter reader for the gas company.

Don Heads for Dixieland

Before Nedobeck pursued his dream as a Dixieland musician, he married Mary Elizabeth and together they had three children: Melissa, Patrick and Mary Beth. Over the next several years, Nedobeck supported his family traveling around the country playing Dixieland jazz with “Old Sugar Blues,” Clyde McCoy. During a two week engagament at The Biltmore Hotel in West Palm Beach, Nedobeck found himself faced with a new challenge and another reason to use his imagination. The hotel went out of business and he was out of a job. Being a painter all of his life, Nedobeck turned to his love and painting acrylics and met Tanya Brooks, a gallery owner and an international distributor. She represented him in his first one-man show, and soon after Nedobeck was traveling on the road, only this time selling his art work.

Art On His Terms

“You have to do it this way — your way is wrong!” This is what teachers at the Milwaukee College told him, according to Patrick, his son and biggest fan, who works closely with Nedobeck. “Dad draws from the soul,” he continues, “and that’s where true art comes from.” It is through his true art that he has made a living for over 30 years. In addition to his painting, Nedobeck has authored numerous books from his personal observations under “New Wrinkle Press,” his publishing company. To date, there are over 800,000 Nedobeck books in print, including “No Known English Translation” and “Nedobeck’s Alphabet Book”. New Wrinkle Press also produces Nedobeck’s note cards, calendars and prints. His signed prints have been collected by nearly 30,000 people world wide, and have universal appeal — they conjure up laughter and smiles at first glance.

When Nedobeck’s not using his hands to create art or music, he has his hands in the soil — his real form of meditation. Perhaps that’s where Don Nedobeck’s imagination is planted, tilled, shaped and continues to grow, producing art for the child in all of us


Article by Carmen Alicia Marguia:

10 thoughts on “Profile of Don Nedobeck

  1. Anne Eby says:

    Love your work. My sister still talks about the “murmaid” painting you signed & wrote the message on the back! She is mermaid crazy. Just found your work in Lakeland! Love it

  2. kevin diver says:

    Don, i picked up your beautiful print of cats. It is titled in the mist (91) with a water color signature in aqua and a pencil signature. it measures 11 x 19. can you tell me the year it was made? love it! thanks kevin

  3. Sandra & Mike Beil says:

    Was a great moment to be able to talk to you this afternoon at the Sheboygan art show.
    Sandra has already called our adult children and told them she met the famous painter-author and nice guy called Nedobeck. We both enjoyed talking to you today.
    Make time to visit Bogata, Buenos Aires when you have time.
    If you have time on Sunday please visit our Book Worm Garden just 3 miles from your booth.
    This garden is one of the most unique and peaceful places on earth. I know you would really appreciate the art and stories.
    God bless you for your shared talents and gifts to mankind.

    Tons of thanks
    Sandra & Mike

  4. Karen Potter-Maxwell says:

    I have collected several pieces over the years at the Omaha Arts Festival.
    Miss him there!

  5. Marcia Grace says:

    I love all things “Nedobeck”! Have his “I am Me!” watercolor, and framed cards throughout the house,

  6. Maggie says:

    I first was introduced to his art while strolling through the annual DeLand FL Art Festival a few years ago. I’m a cat lover; not a cat artwork lover… that was before I set eyes on a silly smiling cat begging me to come take a closer look. I was blown away & from that day forward I became a Nedobeck groupie. I have a room exclusively dedicated to my love of cats. It’s my guest powder room. Yes, the powder room. The walls are covered with his artwork. I picked the powder room not to hide my odd fetish but to display in the most trafficked room in my house. The walls are fairly thin so it’s not unusual to hear laughter while in use. I love every one of those cats (one dog with a cat was allowed). What I like best is what you can see beyond the cat. I won’t tell because you need to be surprised too. I just love his artwork & look forward to seeing new works. PS: I have the 2018 calendar & I plan to frame every picture of the month. You’ll love the calendar!

  7. Toni says:

    Had the pleasure of meeting and talking to you at the Art Fair in St. Augustine. My sisterinlaw and I could have talked to you all day. Your artwork is so charming and has such a great sense of humor. I read the calendar when I got home. I just love it. I have seen your artwork before but talking to you in addition just tied it all together. Look forward to seeing you in the future. Again thank you for adding so much to an already beautiful day.

  8. Cindy says:

    I met Don in the ‘80s while working near the lake in Milwaukee. I enjoyed his sense of humor :). His “Blues in B flat” piece still hangs in my living room, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it! :).

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