“Catfish” by Don Nedobeck

This painting of a round cat face on a fish’s body entered the world as an improvisation by Nedobeck, a Florida-based artists who’s returned to Wausau’s Festival of Arts for decades.

He started the piece with a backdrop of blue and yellow shading that looked like light coming through water. Then Nedobeck decided to add a catfish. Rotund felines permeate his collection of work.

“It’s not conscious,” Nedobeck said. “They just appeared one day, like cats do.”

He likes seeing his work end up in the hands of children who seem drawn to its colors and characters.


Original article by Nora G. Hertel:

One thought on ““Catfish” by Don Nedobeck

  1. Beth Goldwire says:

    Your work spreads joy. I had several of your prints; I remember “The Musicians”, “I am just me”, “two birds with red shoes”, and I had two more that I can’t think of right now. I lost them in our house fire in 2010. Oh, the rainbow cat… All these made me giggle every time I looked at them. They decorated my pantry/laundry room, so I was entertained by them every day. I miss them, but you still have two of them, which I am ordering. Thanks for the fun you share. So glad you are still “working”.

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