This painting of a round cat face on a fish’s body entered the world as an improvisation by Nedobeck, a Florida-based artists who’s returned to Wausau’s Festival of Arts for decades. He started the piece with a backdrop of blue and yellow shading that looked like light coming through water. Then Nedobeck decided to add a catfish. Rotund felines permeate his collection of […]

Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a sentence using words beginning with that letter, which is illustrated by a fanciful drawing. This is a super fun book for both kids and their parents or grandparents.  The artwork is fantastic and the author/artist gets silly with each letter – Terri the tall thin tan […]

Don Nedobeck’s world of music and art is filled with sleepy hippos, puffy-cheeked cats, birds wearing red shoes and a clarinet that toots Dixieland. A street artist, creator of children’s books and leader of the North Water Street Tavern Band, Nedobeck counts himself fortunate to be living in this decade. ”At no other time in […]